1. College life is pretty exhausting. You’ll wish you had 30 hours to spend each day (20 in college, 4 at home, and 6 under the covers in your bed.)

2. Chances are, that all the good looking girls end up in the other classrooms.

3. Chances are, you’ll have a crush on a senior “didi” (sister) as well as your humanities ‘mam’.

4. Chances are, a lot of people will be after the person you’re after. [Update: Not applicable for me anymore. But aptly applicable for others for sure. Heavy competition. I hope you understand.]

5. Chances are, you’ll discover earlier than expected, how inexperienced you are, with non-boys.

6. Whoever said that ragging is a type of self-education, was a dumb-head (I wanted to say D*ckhead initially, but then I thought dumb is more appropriate than duck. ‘U’ get me?)
7. New words will be added to your vocabulary under the category of ‘slangs’. Even if you use them or not, at the very least, you’ll know what the ‘rickshaw-puller’ just said to the rash driving taxi.

8. You can easily be what you want to be no matter what you were before – The studious first bencher, the last bench prankster, the all-class sleeper, the sportsman, the rockstar, the cool dude, the nature-boy, the talkative, the thug, anything you want to be.

9. Each and every moment, you’ll be creating memories you know that you’ll cherish forever.
10. And yes of course, you’ll learn some physics, mathematics, mechanics, electrical, electronics, and humanities. Not that it is important – it’s just that a part of the money that your parents pay for a happy college life, is donated to a bunch of incoherent fools who write something called a ‘syllabus’ and you’ve got to follow that the night before your exams. (Yes, you’ll learn to insult your Board as badly as that).

Anyway, the upper and lower eyelids of my eyes are begging for some intimate time together. I hope I’ll be back sooner than you can say, “The Xeno forgot that he has got a blog.”
40 followers??? How can I ever forget you guys?