Calvin & Hobbes

Calvin & Hobbes

A Time For Nothing

How far can you go
How wild can you dream
How high can you jump
How deep can you dive
How fast can you run
How long can you sleep
How much can you eat
How happy can you be

The list will never cease to grow.
There is a time and place for everything.
But do I really need to know?
That there ain’t a time for nothing.

I Feel Like: 

Indians Are Obsessed With Fairness

One fine morning, curiosity inspired me to waste some time by scanning the advertisements in the Weddings section of the newspaper. After 5 minutes, I found a not-so-surprising similarity in all the adverts. Everyone wanted a ‘fair’, ‘good-looking’, ‘good-complexion’ woman. There wasn’t a single advert without a specification of that kind.

And I wondered…

What about all the women who are not ‘fair’, do not have a ‘good complexion’, and hence, cannot be classified as ‘good-looking’ by the confused Indian multicultural society.

Questions flooded my mind – Is fairness a primary and necessary trait for a beautiful woman? If someone is fair, but not good looking, is she considered good looking? If someone is good looking, but not fair, is she considered good looking?

ACTIVATE: T.H.O.U.G.H.T PROCESS [Temporary Hiatus Of Understanding Given for Heavy Thinking]

Yeah I know the above line doesn’t make any meaning. Never mind. Let us move on.

So what was I talking about?


I Feel Like: