Fame Friday is a brand new venture which I am going to start officially from Friday, 27th Of May, 2011.

Every Friday (well, almost), I will write a blogpost about a blogger and his/her blog which I follow like the most faithful dog you'd have ever seen. This is also FREE publicity of your blog as I am not asking anything in return(No badges, No links.). It is just that my benevolent soul wishes to appreciate all the good work out there.

In case you think your blog deserves a place in the hallowed galleries of The Xeno Hall Of Fame, you can submit you blog for my review in the contact link here. Your blog will undergo a strict and secure verification process. It will be scrutinized, inspected, vacuum cleaned, filter purified, virus-scanned, and after an ‘agni-pariksha’ if I feel that your blog truly deserves the respect, I will post a review of your blog in one of the Fame Friday blogposts and inform you about the same.

And of course, I will also give the "Xeno Rating" (with the highest possible magnitudes of humility for those respected bloggers) according to the legend below.

0 - R.I.P [The Xeno is Resting In Pestilence.]
1 - Brain-Dead [You almost killed me, but i'm as good as being dead.]
2 - Fatal Calamity - [You're probably the reason the Ozone layer is depleting.]
3 - Inhuman - [Some people have descended from chimpanzees a few hundred years late.]
4 - Horror - [Nails screeching on the blackboard never sounded any better]
5 - Scary - [Ask your visitors to wear diapers. Honestly, you don't want them to pee in their pants.]
6 -Spank You - [You need to be spanked hard, big time.]
7 - Sue You - [Where is my lawyer?]
8 - K.O - [You just delivered a knock out punch. And No, thats not good.]
9 - Yawn - [Wake me up when its over.]
10 - Neutral - [No hard feelings. No good ones either.]
11 - Novice - [You're a beginner, and it shows.]
12 - Promising - [Yeah its not too good, but you have the potential to make it large.]
13 - Great - [You're the blogger this world needs. Keep up the good work]
14 - Magnet - [You amaze me!]
15 - Wide Eyes - [I can read your blog again and again, all day!]
16 - Honored - [I find myself lucky to follow your blog. I have fulfilled my 'Karma'.]
17 - Enchanted - [You have magically imprisoned me inside your blog. Please don't release me, Ever!]
18 - One Of The Best - [There are no words in the fattest of dictionaries, in any language, to describe you. You're one of rare wonders of the Blogosphere.]
19 - Author - [Have you written a book? I want to buy 10,000,000 copies of each of them. Can i have your picture? I need a large potrait of you in every room of my house.]
20 - Angel - [Your words are supernatural. Do you blog from the Elysian fields of Heaven?]

So that's it. But don't expect the reviews to be as long as those essays you had to write in the exams. I can promise you that the review won't be larger than your own Curriculum Vitae.


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