10:17 AM - No internet for 24 hours. No work for 24 hours. The IBM guy is going to come over today so that we can do some 'complex data analysis'. I feel pretty fucked up right now because I could not do any research on the 'complex data analysis' stuff on the internet. So now when he arrives, I'm just a noob to him.
Forget working experience, I'm not even knowledgeable on that topic. And the fucking internet service provider had to choose this time to screw around with their customers.

Anyway, Hyderabad is turning out to be a pathetic experience after all. The weather is fucked up. It never rains, but the people here still call it the rainy season. Its sweltering hot every day.

When I was in Bengal, we waited eagerly for the rains to arrive and save us from the unbearable rain. When I boarded the East Coast express, it was raining. And I came to this stupid city just to face the summer again!

Its a stupid city. The people are filthy rich and filthy dirty. Thankfully the colony that I'm living in has a few hygenic households. Moreover, people here have a penchant for loud bikes. They will intentionally replace their silencer pipes with dis-functional ones just to completely wipe out the primary intention due to which the smart engineers put silencer pipes in those bikes.

In Bengal, It was risky to drive because the footpaths were empty and the people were on the streets. In Hyderabad, its risky to even walk on the footpaths. Traffic is everywhere. And I finally figured out how to avoid accidents while walking on the road. Don't look left. Don't look right. Just keep walking. The speeding bikes and cars will avoid you. You don't have to be careful to avoid them.

Enough of ranting for now. Now its just a countdown to losing the impression I built on the IBM guy.