12.34 PM - I now realize how boring it can be when you have to sit in office with no work, while pretending to do some work. These are perfect moments for rants such as these. At least when other people will see you typing so much they might think that you're coding real hard. That is one big advantage of working in a non-profit organization where you're the only technically-aware person in office.

This morning, I went out exploring the other end of the Masab Tank flyover to see if I could find something interesting. There is a hot-chips shop here, which will suffice my evenings. Apart from that there is a grocery supermarket nearby. I bought two maggi cup-noodles to spare myself from the Amul Pro breakfasts, and some brown bread too. There was also a long stretch of the footpath occupied my fruit vendors who sold only mangoes.

Harsha Didi is actually the most friendly person in office. When she got to know that I'd go over exploring in the evening she gave me her number so that I can call her if I need any help because she lives nearby.
Today morning she invited me to come along with her to a movie (Ek Villain) that she'll be going with her friends. I accepted because I was going to watch Ek Villain myself. And I guess I need to learn how to socialize.

Chandra Sir stayed over at the office last night. We went to have dinner at a Paratha Stall near Jubilee Hills along with Prashanth and some other guy. I'm looking forward to visiting Dine Hill for dinner tonight.