11.57 AM - I looked through the window at my parents standing in the rain. They could have moved under the shed, a bit further away from my window. They could not even see me through the one-way window from outside.

But they just stood there, getting drenched in the rain. And for the first time before this journey, I felt sad to leave them.

I never shared a very verbal relationship with my parents. I never had to say, "love you mom, dad" or "miss you" when they received the message in simpler words or actions.

I called them up, and asked them not to get drenched in the rain. So they moved to the nearest shed. I could still see them. They still couldn't.

And suddenly the train jerked alive, and began to move, away from my parents standing under the shed, who were still staring at my direction.

And soon, I couldn't see them any more.

5 weeks. And so it begins.

I always believed that I was a free bird. That I had no bounds. That I could move away anywhere I wanted to, at the slightest of opportunity, without ever looking back.

But my parents were my strongest links. I am home, where my parents are.