3:28 A.M

After a 30hr sleepless ordeal behind editing my newly built tech blog TechnoZilla , I finally get to sit back, relax, and watch the visitors count start to rise once again.

A thought enters my mind.

Is this worth it?

All this time and energy, that I'm spending behind this tech-blog - is it going to be worth it? I don't have an answer. All I know for sure, is that time will tell.

Suddenly, I remember you - my very own Sarcasti-Nation. And an overwhelming feeling of happiness suddenly... should I say... overwhelms me!

Of course, there is always the embarrassment inside me of not having posted anything for about 9-10 cat lives (Sorry kitties). But I come back. I sign into that old mail id of me once again - blah.blah.with.me@gmail.com - now flooded with post notifications of fellow bloggers I used to follow.

I log into my blogger account.

The skull-head of my dumb alter-ego Xeno smiles back at me. Why do you smile? Always?

Each post has now become, a bookmark or a short label to a memory - each post reminded me of a different memory. Those were times of my life I will never forget. And I'll never forget it not because they were good memories only. They were actually a few good memories hidden amidst a lot of bad memories. But whats weird is that it still makes me smile. Its not even a smile. I'm somewhere in the middle of beaming and grinning right now.

3:42 AM

Its getting late now. I should get some sleep.
But before that, I'll just quickly walk past the deserted corridor of all these memories once again. I'll come back again some day, maybe to add something more.

I think I'm allergic to the dust of my memories. I'll quickly rub my eyes with the sleeve of my shirt so that the water building up inside my eyes doesn't ruin my vision.