Recently I've taken to writing my blogposts in notepad first. It has a lot of hidden advantages. Firstly, is doesn't have a spell-check feature or an auto-correct option. Then I copy it back to the old Aunt Ms. Word. This helps me become more self-conscious about the spelling and grammar errors that slip inside unnoticed. One red zig-zagged underline is equal to one tight slap on my own cheek.

Sometimes, when a tiny grammatical error creeps into one of my innocent blogposts, I feel tortured. It is almost as if I am the reason why a virgin blogpost was physically abused in public. It gives me excruciating pain.

Don't ask me what happens in one of those once-in-a-blue-red-green-or-black-moon nights when i publish a post and after receiving more than 20 pageviews on that post I realize that there is a cleverly camouflaged typographical error smirking at me. Eternal Damnation and Disgrace - The End.

The same applies for blogs I read as well.

There are two things I can't tolerate in any blog.
1. Grammatical And Spelling Blemishes
2. Plagiarism

I don't care and I don't want to know whether you've had proper schooling or not. I don't care if you have studied in a Non-English medium school. As far as I am concerned, if you have an english blog, make sure that you're grammatically correct.

An english dictionary doesn't cost a fortune. Google doesn't charge you money for searching a word meaning and getting to know the correct spelling (as well as pronunciation). There are a million websites on proper usage of the English Language out there. Spell-check softwares are abundant. Use your resources.

I've had experiences with bloggers who delete my comments if I point out english errors. Some go to the extent of contacting me personally and remarking sarcastically about how I should have reacted. Thank your holy cow that I didn't sue you!

Plagiarism is undoubtedly the most-hated evil amongst bloggers. There are people who openly plagiarize content from other websites, publish them on their own blogs, and do not bother to link back to the original author. My blood boils and my heart becomes a furnace when I find plagiarized content. I've seen people submitting entries for contests in which each and every line has been directly copied from other websites.

Let me tell you about one such blogger. There was a recent environmental contest in which bloggers were asked to write about how everyone can make changes in their daily lives to protect out environment. One of the entries looked really promising. I was impressed. Did he chalk that out himself? He must have put a lot of thought behind this! Nevertheless, the suspicious me decided to google it. And whoa! Each and every line was copied and pasted from three websites. It was outrageous. I decided to comment modestly asking him to put a link back to the original posts at the end of his post and even sent him the links. And all that the cheater did was delete my comment, and send me a mail about how I should be reacting to such things. To hell with you and your blog, sucker! Later, I found out that he had added a link which said something like "taken from various websites from google search". Damn you!

Plagiarism and English Errors are a blasphemous sin. Take care. Stay away. And help others.

P.S: Now that I have said so much, I have put myself in the line of fire. Open comments on grammatical errors which I make will be accepted with everlasting gratitude.