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Boy: <Ping> You there?

Girl is now online.

Girl: Yes. Hi! Sorry I was invisible?

Boy: Which guy were you trying to avoid?

Girl: Oh! :D ... umm... forget it!

Boy: Finally, we have a revelation of the truth.

Girl: And what is that?

Boy: Justin Bieber, as you know, (and I don't want to know) is supposedly a talent. Sorry, but I beg to differ on that.
Disclamatory Notice:
I do not wish to be defamatory of any artist who is well-loved by the women species. I am not jealous. I repeat, I am NOT jealous which is almost always the answer that Bieber fans use to console their hearts against criticism. Honestly, I've had better things to do.

Girl: Then why don't you like him? I mean, he's cute!

Boy: Cuteness doesn't justify the level of success a man deserves in the music industry. Talent, does.

Girl: But he is such a wonderful artist!

Boy: What have you girls started listening to? Where did that "appreciation-for-genuine-talent-not-based-on-looks" go to?

Girl: Oh! It's probably in my basement! lol!

Boy: Great! so you keep Gold in your basement and embellish your own room with shit?

Girl: Eew! Sorry, I can't picture that! ;)

Boy: Oops! Anyway, here is something that I stumbled upon on the internet. Hope you like it. Accept the file.

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