This is my first post for Three Word Wednesday. Hope you guys like it. The three words were Adamant, Fabricate and Peculiar.


When I was a little kid with about 7-8 years of life experience on earth, I remember having a peculiar imagination. Sometimes it was appreciated. Sometimes it was laughed off. Sometimes it was accepted as a blatant lie. And that hurt me deeply. Being a liar, was one of the greatest sins I had ever heard of at that age.

Yet, imagination has its own rules. You can't blame high levels of imagination, to have a potential of turning perfectly innocent people into liars.

I can recall one such incident in the early years of my childhood.

My grandfather was a man who loved me more than anything else on earth. And I could always feel that. He was an intelligent man with a long record of achievements to boast of. I would often join him in his room in my spare time to chat with him about all that mattered. He used to shower me with expensive knowledge about his experiences and ordeals in life.

One fine morning, after breakfast, I went to his room and seated myself on the bed beside him. My face showed an impregnable deep contemplation of worldly matters of wisdom.

"Yesterday while returning from school I saw a cow on the tree.” I said, letting go of the troubling thought.

"Really?" he said, as if he was genuinely interested in it.

Just as I was about to blurt out the entire story about the cow on the tree, my sister made a dramatic entrance, interrupting me.

"What’s going on?" she said nonchalantly. She was four years elder to me and thought that she had already seen all that the world has to offer.

"I saw a cow on the tree." I said meekly. I was more than aware of my sister's hatred of my wild imagination.

"What??? You being serious?" she said in a mocking tone which made me hate her more than ever.

"Yes. I did. It was up on that tree over there." I said pointing towards the tall palm tree outside the verandah. I was adamant to prove my point.

"What a joke!" she sulked.

"Believe me! I have seen it there. I have seen it with my own eyes." I pleaded. It was not her trust which mattered to me. I wanted to express it to my grandfather and not her.

"Which tree?" asked my grandfather, to my utter astonishment and delight.

"There right there! It was right there on top of that palm tree." I said rushing out into the verandah. He followed me to the verandah and confirmed it himself.

Back inside the room, he asked, "What happened to it?"

"I don't know. It must have fallen down. Or maybe Mintuda(a young guy in the neighborhood with lots of muscles) must have brought it down." I contemplated.

"Hmm" he said deeply.

And that is exactly why I loved my grandfather so much. An interesting discussion ensued on how the cow must have climbed the tree.

The cow on the tree was nothing but a figment of my imagination fabricated during an afternoon dream or a night's deep sleep. I did not make up that story. I had dreamt it that morning. But the weird thing about dreams which I didn’t realize as a child was that when you woke up, they seemed so true.

No matter how offended people were with me, or no matter how urgently I needed to express something, he was always there. He was always there to share my feelings and emotions. He was always there to listen to whatever rubbish I had to blabber. He was always there to give me active feedback on my life's experiences. Till 11th April, 2009 of course. That was when he moved on to his heavenly abode. Or maybe he was reincarnated as another wise economist, or a successful businessman, or a loving grandfather to some lucky child.

He was the only person whose love i felt the most. Today, almost two years after he left me, I still miss him like hell. He remains as a priceless part of my life's memories and a portrait on the wall. I wish you were here dear grandfather. I so wish you were here.

In the next few days, my entire family as well as my relatives had a good laugh about the poor cow.

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