One of my novice attempts at poetry. Hope I can send through an important message.

Love is but a weakness
Trust is waging war
She may just be a tigress
Or a shining night star

An aura in the sky
In graceful silence
Whispers drift by
Of her mystic presence

A wild fragrance
Anonymity revealing
A simple essence
A stimulating feeling

Blood disembogue
Adrenaline flow
Senses rogue
Mortal wounds let go

Beauty unrivalled as yet
Emotions untamed
A sharp glance
The heart maimed

Her sinuous lithe
Her feline gestures
Her ember eye
Her lissome postures

Weaving a spell
She prowls the night
In her thoughts I dwell
A sparkling light

Deft paws sashay
With poise and charm
Oblivious prey
Sense no alarm

She steals a glance
Magnificence divine
My virile exuberance
But passion clandestine


Defeated by fate
Lost in infinity
It was too late
Betrayed by divinity

A distant spark
Then the thunder
Aimed at mark
Ruthless hunter

Unmoved as she slept
Disable and cold
The mean dark clouds wept
Reasons untold

Protect her I will
Till she wakes up again
Danger, I kill
Enduring any pain

I watch him take aim
The last breath I take in
Bodies, not souls he can claim
Let the bullet pierce my skin

The forest spins away
Smoke mist entwin’d
Horror and dismay
Shrieks the wind

I feel more at ease
Her spirit comforts me
Providence does as it please
We were never born free.

In case you did not understand the poem (likely because I'm not very good at poetry) let me tell you.
Tiger and Tigress
Tiger love Tigress
One day Hunter kill Tigress
Tiger tries to protect her dead body
Hunter kill Tiger too.