Sometimes I wonder, what does this world need today? A Leader? An effectual political system? A charismatic orator? Or nothing but a divine intervention? In all the chaos and anarchy going on around us, where can we find the answer to all our questions?

And all of a sudden, a voice sounding weirdly similar to my own speaks out. The answer lies within each of us.

This world can never be a better place due to the actions of one amongst a million. The pyramids of Egypt or the Taj Mahal was not built by one man. Similarly, this beautiful earth which we are losing has to re-built by individual action.

And then again, questions are born. And I am sure, that regardless of how we have reacted to them, these few questions were faced by each and every person on earth, who cared. And most of the time, what prevented us from acting beyond those questions, were just suitable answers.

  • My neighbor dumps all the garbage on the roadside. Should I request him not to?
  • Orthodox Reply: Its useless to tell him. He won't listen.

  • This government official always asks for bribe to do his own job. Should I complain to the authorities?
  • Orthodox Reply: I don't think that the authorities will take any action against their own employees.

  • The person at the shop-counter just asked the small boy beside me a falsified and exaggerated amount for his purchase. Should I intervene?
  • Orthodox Reply: Lets not get into any trouble with this.

  • That man's car seems to have broken down on the lonely highway. Should I stop and see if I can be of any help?
  • Orthodox Reply: Ah! I'm in a hurry. It might take time.

And it gets even worse.

  • My classmate has fallen down and bruised his knee. Should I help him?
  • Reply: He is my enemy. Let him suffer.

  • That old man just got hurt when I hit him with the football by mistake. It seems like he needs help. Should I?
  • Reply: Pick up the ball and run.

  • I know that the girl I have a secret crush on is cheating on my best-friend with two other guys. Should I tell him about it?
  • Reply: Just keep shut. She will hate me then.

The list is infinitive.
But the answer which was needed was simple. The answer lies in the power of words.

Society, is not receptive of goodwill anymore. It just so happens that a good deed is often countered with negativity, doubt, suspicion, and aspersion. Some people hate it when good things happen. They cannot tolerate people who are content and happy just because they themselves aren't. These people are parasites. Bloody evil parasites who have crept into the system and will suck the life blood out of everything they can lay their hands on. And they will lead to the wrong end of the journey of mankind.

We cannot let this happen.

But how can we get rid of these parasites?
First, we make sure that we do not become parasites ourselves.
Second, we use the Power Of Words.

Word will lead to Actions.
And Actions will lead to Success.
The Success will always come in fractions,
But it will surely lead to Progress.

Spread the word. Blog about it. Make sure your voice is heard. We have a new weapon in our hands people. And I am sure that its damn effective.

Do watch this video. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT.