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Just as the Class 12 final board examinations end, and the competitive examinations come in, it is the most freak-out time in the life of a science student.

We try to ignore those heartless(and headless) art and commerce students who leap into malls and movie theaters as soon as they are allowed to step out of the examination halls. And look at those cold-hearted animals! They do not feel the pangs of guilt a non-criminal man should. Moreover, they do not bother thinking twice before uploading their pictures on facebook. It is outrageous I tell you!

And we poor science students have to open our books once again, and go through those same pages again and again.

But Why?
To get into a good college.

But you just gave your exams!
Tell that to the authorities responsible.

This is insane. How are you little kids going to handle three months of continuous exams?
No answer.

And you can't even take it lightly. The esteemed 'Board' exams will decide whether we are 'eligible' or not, to be admitted to a particular college, based on its whimsical cut-off marks. Oh! And that is not it! Then comes in the 'Competitive' Exams where all the science students of India will have to run a frantic rat race to decide their future careers - which is directly proportional to how happy they will be in their future life. Thats an entire life at stake on the difference of a few marks. That's just Great!

My Schedule Now:
VITEEE : 16th April
SRMEEE : 23rd April
AIEEE : 1st May
BITSAT : 12th May
WBJEEE: 22nd May
And then comes the results, the counselling, the admission. Sigh! The painful ordeal doesn't end till the end of June.

Okay okay, i can see you yawning. That is okay. Which booze-addled monkey would like to listen to the sad story of a Science Student? You'd rather watch DDLJ. I know. It's okay. I get it.

But as every science student who has chosen Science with a dream that happens in dreams only, and looked forward to fulfilling it, I've done the same.

I've dreamt to go into VIT - Vellore Institute Of Technology.

I've spent the last 12 years of my life in a school which I am exceedingly proud of. The infrastructure, the environment, and the friends and teachers, including the system was too good. And so I've dreamed of going into an equally good college - VIT.

The institute has so many feathers in its cap, that it looks like an overcrowded bird's nest. Its list of achievements, is endless. You can get to know more about the college here :- http://www.vit.ac.in

It admits it's students through its own entrance exam VITEEE. I've checked out its previous years' papers and i think it isn't too hard and I often get the feeling and inspiration that I can crack it.

So, here's what. There won't be any more blogposts till 16th of May evening.

I'm sorry. But I've got to study for my Dream College! VIT ... i am coming!

Wish me luck!