I’d like to write a painful song
Sitting below a green tree
Speak about all that has gone wrong
Imprisoned emotions set free

I won’t use any hard words
Will keep it simple and sweet
Gaze blankly at the little birds
Which venture near my bare feet

Look at the vast empty blue sky
And picture her pretty face
Just as the precious moments pass by
I’ll scribble in my diary at a slow pace

I’ll try my best at all times
Not to drop too many tears
Won’t blame her for petty emotional crimes
But only for all those happy years

I’d like to sing a painful song
And strum my blue acoustic guitar
Feel the strings, thin and long
While staring at the evening star

Sing all through the dreamy twilight
Feel the rhythm change
Illuminated by the milky moon-light
Resonate with emotions wild and strange

I’ll watch the twinkling green fireflies
Drifting with the rhythm around me
Climbing my shoulder will be a ladybug spy
Thinking I might be the tree

And…Someplace somewhere

Through the curtains, the sunlight will stream
She’ll surely wake up in her bed
And think it’s all a bad dream
But by then, I’ll be dead.

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