Spark Spark Sizzle Sizzle

And a bright white light shone at the far end of the strange room.

Dave turned around and had to cover his eyes. The sudden outburst of dazzling white light blinded him momentarily. As his eyes began to adjust to the brightness, his face turned pale and he gasped in horror.

The television showed a woman tied to a chair in a small room weakly lit by a single light bulb hanging from the ceiling. The golden yellow locks, the small pretty face, …

It was Catherine. It was his wife.

A deep evil voice filled the entire room as it said, “Well, Dave. This is just the beginning.”

And the voice died away with an evil laugh.

“Honey, are you coming?”
“Wha… where?”
“Are you coming to bed?”
“Oh! Ya just a moment.”
“Honey, why do you have to watch these horror serials at night?”
“Yeah. I think you’re right. Let’s go.”

That night, he couldn’t sleep. After laying awake for two hours, he decided to have some beer. So, he made his way downstairs to the kitchen. He froze halfway to the refrigerator.

A familiar evil grin drifted into the kitchen from the dining room. He trembled as he slowly moved toward it.

The door.

He stared at the door-knob for some time.

Finally, he mustered enough courage to open the door.

“’Dave and The Devil’ was brought to you by… ”

He had forgotten to turn off the Television.

The following post was written for Theme Thursday. The theme was 'Television'.