Sometimes it so happens that I log into my blogger dashboard and discover that I’ve got a new follower.
Wow! That’s great! One more follower! A nice feeling! That’s all.

But then again, when I view my blog and my eyes wander off to the followers list…

Oww My God! What the ffff…. !!!
*blink twice*
*rub my eyes*
*blink again*
*pinch myself*
“Am I dreaming? Is this really happening?”

I feel like a wet cat in front of the most menacing bulldog.
I feel like a light plastic bag caught in a tornado.
I feel like a small goldfish in front of a whale shark.
I feel like a live chicken about to be cut into pieces.
I feel like a punching bag in front of Vijendar Singh.
I feel like Manmohan Singh in front of Barak Obama.
I feel like Shah Rukh Khan in the Eden Garden Stands.
I feel like a football in front of Roberto Carlos.
I feel like a plagiarist in front of The Xeno(oh! That’s me!)
I feel like a road-side tea shop in front of a McDonald’s outlet.
I feel like a 2 year old kid facing Lasith Malinga’s bowling attack.
I feel like a pigeon in front of an F-22 raptor aircraft.
I feel like a lizard in front of Godzilla.

It’s not ANYONE who is following my blog.
My blog is being followed by an…
[drum roll]
AWESOME blogger.
[cymbals crash, and audience cheer]

First, there was Rahul Kulkarni with his Pioneer of Words.
Honestly speaking, when I was 14 years old, I did write a few articles for my school magazine. But I could never have had the guts to face the entire blogosphere with my kindergarten-style writing. Then again, look at this 14 year old. This guy has some future ahead with his blog. Imagine how good he would be 10 years from now!

Then came Red Handed with her Red Handed.
Although I never understood the reason why her blog url says ‘An Ugly Head’ but then again, she is one hell of a blogger. If you see me through my webcam, when I’m reading her blog, I can bet that the first thing you would see is all my yellow teeth. All the posts in her blog make for some enjoyable reading. She gave me a lot of support through her comments when I had just started out.

Soon after that came, Janhvi with her Psychopneuma.
She is another ‘Awesome’ blogger out there. I love her fiction work, as well as her perspective about how things are. Rest assured that you can always expect something whacky out of her blog.

After that arrived, Sarah Malik with her Embodying Emotions.
She is an extremely versatile blogger. I can bet my life on to the fact that her poetic side will get you addicted to her blog.

Then appeared, Muddassir with his The Rosetta Stone.
No words can describe a blogger of his stature.  You will love everything about his blog - EVERYTHING. Arguably the most versatile blogger that I’ve ever seen – Poems, Prose, Reviews, Fun, everything!

Then Sadiya Merchant barged in with her Yeh Life Hai… Takeit lightly!
And THAT is what you get when you add 25kgs of Fun to 25kgs of Emotions, and the rest is some special ingredient unique to her blog which always gets you addicted to it. Damn!

One fine morning I discovered Animesh K Mishra with his JustLike That.
I was pretty surprised not to have discovered his blog before. And for the first time, I gave a 5-star review on Alexa to someone who truly deserved it.

Then came Angry Ganu with his/her Angry Ganu.
Honestly this is the most promising blogger out there.  A newbie- but - a whacky newbie! It is one place where you will genuinely be able to guffaw hard and loud. Make this guy heard people. This blog deserves 100 followers immediately. Spread the word. Give him a warm welcome.

A special mention:
One more blogger who is not a follower but I think I have received the dust of her sandals in my blog is…
Purba Ray. Yes! The LEGENDARY Purba Ray.
I remember all those times when I used to visit A-Musing with big round eyes and read her posts with my mouth wide open and saliva drenching the carpet. Her writing style is just awesome. There is a reason why she has 339 followers on google friend connect itself. She is probably my favorite blogger out there. I was mighty pleased to have received a comments from her on one of my posts. What an achievement!

If you are one of the three followers of mine who hasn’t been included in the list, know that I haven’t been able to locate your blog. So please spare me the aspersions and hate-mails. Comment with a link to your blog so that I might be able to add you to future posts like this. I’m sorry!

P.S: Maybe I'll write an 'Ode To My Followers' later on!