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  3. Please read the blog posts with the same concentration with which you read your girlfriend’s love letter.
  4. You can smile while reading, but you cannot cry. Because if you cry, then i will be forced to call you a cry-baby; which will make you cry more. So please don’t cry no matter how sentimental I am. I don’t want my blog to get any unwanted negative vibes from my readers.
  5. If you feel like laughing at one of my world-class jokes( or all of my world class jokes), then please laugh like Santa – “HO Ho ho ho!”
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  7. If you are opposed to any of my views, I am open to debate challenges. Drop me an e-mail from the link at the 'Me?!?' page and I will surely get back to you after making proper arrangements for our debate(preferably in front of a large audience where i can lambaste you with sarcasm and slaughter you with humiliation)
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  9. In many of my blog posts, you might come across many objects or comments which might offend your religious, political, sentimental, personal mindset. Honestly, i don’t give a damn about it.
  10. For the girls going crazy after me – I’m single.
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