9.55 AM - The telecallers Hema and Shravanti (the talkative one) were the first to arrive. Last night was a wonderful experience. I stayed in the office all alone!

Although I was tired and went to sleep too early to make proper use of the high speed internet here. The power went out at 2.30 AM at night. I woke up to mosquito bites and pitch black darkness.

The inverter power backup was only available in the central room. After a lot of sleepy indecisive moments, when I was about to relocate my mattress to the central room, the heavens sent the power back on.

It was a wonderful moment, as I went back to sleep immediately. My parents (especially my mom) were worried about me staying alone and burglars and other stuff which were amongst none of my primary concerns (come on! honestly!)

Anyway, I am really looking forward to visiting some of the amazing places around here, especially the Golconda Fort. I guess I'll have to wait for weekend to arrive for all that.

Look at me. First day in office, and I'm already looking forward to the weekend. *facepalm*