5.00 AM - The Bengali family in my compartment just promoted themselves to the top of my most-annoying-people-to-share-a-journey-with list.

Firstly, I hate waking up at 5 in the morning. Secondly, I hate waking up to the sound of shrieking kids. Both happened. It was like my worst nightmare.

The parents wanted to switch off the light so as not to disturb the other sane people who were sleeping. Their son wanted to keep the lights on, for no perceptible reason on earth.
Maybe that is just what kids do. I remember being a very considerate kid myself. Just ask my parents. (ta

So there was a period of 15 minutes when the lights came on and went off for more than a zillion times in an unprecedented fashion, before the parent had to accept defeat to the incessant enthusiasm of the kid. Good Morning, world. (Add sleepy emoticon here)

8.00 AM - I'm at the side upper berth, and the lady below me (not figuratively, please!) in the side lower berth, doesn't appear to be an early riser. Well, that is acceptable. But it is 8 already - well past what you can define as 'early'. Its late afternoon for the people around me as they are already discussing about lunch. I haven't even had any breakfast. And the lady looks nowhere near to waking up as she lies in deep slumber (or fake slumber, as I greatly suspect). The shrieking kid should relocate himself nearer to her - and be of some help to humanity.

Unknown - Checked into Hotel Royal Grand. Big words, small hotel. But when decent prices are what you're looking for, this isn't a bad option. At 700 rupees, I got myself a small room, with an attached bathroom, tv, fridge, cupboard and a clean bed. But there weren't any windows. So I had to leave the bathroom door open... which isn't very pleasant, trust me.