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Okay! This is going to be short. Because I don't want to waste time on insulting a book as horrible as this one.

'Faceless' by Tapan Ghosh is officially the worst book that I ever read. This book has crossed all limits of horrible-ness and will give any sane reader insane nigtmares even while they daydream. I'm sure that if you'll visit a few local mental asylums, there will be madmen banging themselves on the head saying "Why did I read Faceless? Why?"

I'm serious. If somehow, by any chance, you find this book in any corner of any book store, stay away from it. I have no idea why this was published, or why it costs Rs. 145.

The cover page of the book says that it is 'soon to be a major motion picture'. I'll be careful to avoid going near any theatre just in case someone kidnaps me and forces me to watch the movie.

Rating: 0/10
[+1] for the awesome capability to write 239 pages of such high-quality rubbish.
[-1] for a the headache it gave me.
[+0] for everything else (which is nothing in fact)

You should read this book if => You've been kidnapped and they're threatening to kill you if you don't.
You shouldn't read this book if => you don't want any mental problems.