Indian Top Blogs recently reviewed my blog on request. And I'm quite happy about the review that they gave to my blog. I am seriously going to consider the suggestions that they have put forward.

But I need your help too. If you really think that my blog lacks something with regards to content, design, navigation, appearance, readability, size of font, etc etc or if there is any other aspect which I have been stupid enough not to think about, and which you would really like to see on my blog, kindly comment and help me out here. Remember, I'm still a newbie! (2.5 months old). If you want you can lambaste me with sarcasm but take care not to make me cry, please!

Here is the review that Indian Top Blogs gave me.

We looked at your blog from all angles and have the following comments for your consideration:

The blog is neat and thoughtfully composed. It is regularly updated [exams excused!]. The background image on top and sides is OK. Your sense of humour is good; it is sometimes a bit over the board but not offensive.

You have also used the ‘pages’ feature of Blogger quite imaginatively. The tab location is fine.

The two-column design suits you well and you manage it well too. Main column width is fine. Post length is also OK. Photos are well downsized to suit websites. You respond to commenters and thus maintain interaction with visitors. Do maintain the habit.

So, we find the blog excellent in terms of design. Content? Well it is your choice, but - generally speaking - it is fine for a blog named sarcastic…

Our congratulations on your quality blog.

However, some suggestions for further improvement:

  • Your titles are quirky, but sometimes the title might confuse the reader and hinder his connecting it with the content of the post. For example, what do we make of ‘Two Of A Modern-Kind’ in the archives?
  • Some similar elements are scattered over the blog. For example, the accolades. They are in 3 places: right column, sarcastic-badges segment and awards page. Your links to ranking sites, etc are also in the first and third bottom columns.
  • Do you really need to be so possessive about ‘protecting’ your content as to show 5 copyright certificates?
  • As we said above, your sense of humour is good and it does not hurt, but we refrain from calling it excellent. Why? Because it depends upon who your visitors are. Just be sure that it goes well with your web community.
  • Do consider a more lively theme for the blog. You can choose a cartoon or some funny [sarcastic?] image around the blog title and possibly the sides.
  • Hope, the LOL of the day refreshes everyday.

Happy blogging!

P.S: As I've said before, please comment and help me out here. You may also use the I Feel Like bar below to express your sentiments about The Xeno and his Sarcasti-Nation.