It took me a week to realize that my exams have finally ended. Not that I'm unhappy about it. But in some remote corner of my heart, I did feel pangs of guilt for all those books which still have the smell of fresh paper concealed within the pages. So to console myself, I bought a few story books to read (and smell).

So the first book that I bought was Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol - the international bestseller which I've been so desperate to read for the last couple of months but didn't get the opportunity or parental monetary allowance to buy. But now that I have, it has become something like a pair of spectacles which always stays right in front of my eyes, all day, no matter what.

The second book that I bought was Frederick Forsyth's The Cobra - another international bestseller which I've been itching to read for a long long long ... (10 times more) time.

Now wait! This was just a dry run. I'm going to buy more books next week. A trip to the Crossword Bookstore or Oxford Bookstore in Park Street is the awaited plan. And moreover, the money for both the above books were contributed by my generous sister whose heart melts to know that I haven't read a single book other than my Physics, math, and chemistry books for the last two years (a blatant lie actually.).

Here are the list of books that I plan to buy. The last two books are in a more or less un-confirmed stage.

I'm sure that my final choices will vary on the day I visit the bookstore. Because, whenever I visit a bookstore I feel an urge to buy the entire bookstore itself.

Oh yeah! As usual, I'd really appreciate it if you could suggest some books to my reading list. Maybe just hit me up with your favorite book (no fairy tales or obvious ones like Harry Potter). I don't have too many friends who are book-lovers - so not much help from there.


P.S: The bill has been passed. After my admission into some/any college, I'm going to join a 6 month course in reading-writing-speaking French after which I will join another course on English Accent Training.