I can bet that the last time that you've heard that line 'kya generation aya hain' is from a person who is not younger than double your age.
And today, you're going to hear it from me - just 19.

"Kya Generation Aya Hain"

Just a few days back, when spirits were high, and friends were at our side, we used to happily sing in chorus -

"Papa Kehte Hain Bada Naam Karega
Beta Hamara Aisa Kaam Karega!"

And look at what everyone is singing now -

"Daddy mujhse bola
Tu galti hain meri"

I say, what is going on? Why are you guys giving the I&B ministry such a hard time editing your movies again and again? Where has all the unconditional "Love you mom Love you dad" attitude gone?
Bollywood movies are pioneers in the task of making the Parents act as villains throughout most of the movie.
Here is a stereotypical example.

Useless Boy loves Rich Girl.
*Cool Song*
Rich Girl loves Useless Boy
*Item Number*
Rich Daddy (who is practical enough and mentally sane unlike his daughter) Intervenes
Useless Boy and Rich Girl persist
*Romantic Song*
Rich Daddy's becomes villain and tries to take his daughter away.
*Emotional Song*
Useless Boy and Rich Girl re-unite in a twist of tale.
*Dance Song*
In an epic climax, the Rich Daddy's heart melts like ice-cream under the summer sun.
*Victory Dance Song*

Duh!?! Think of something new! If you cut and edit all the improvisations, the above raw format is what is left of any bollywood movie.#

And what is more funny is that even Rajnikanth can't do anything about it.