WTH is a White Girl Doing in Punjab?
Any Indian would agree that India is a great place. Many still would prefer to go abroad and study elsewhere but most come back home to good old India. At least that’s what they tell me. Of course, they also tell me that I could never live in India. Their reasoning is that life in the US is too much different and long. life in India is very difficult. They seriously think that an American couldn’t or wouldn’t stick around for

Apparently they don’t know how stubborn I can be. Telling me these things only fuels the fire that makes me find a way to work through the challenges of living here. Yep. That’s right. After being warned I couldn’t live here I packed up my life and moved to Punjab. Am I crazy? Am I stupid? I might just be a little of both but I did it anyway. And don’t ask me why (because I don’t have an answer) but I was a little surprised not to see more foreigners living here.

I landed in India optimistic that life would not be so different here that I couldn’t manage to survive it unscathed. Boy was I wrong! My body had pretty much 0% immunity to the germs and bacteria here so I wound up getting sick repeatedly. There are fruits and vegetables here that I’ve never seen and the foods that I have seen actually go out of season. This wouldn’t be a bad thing if I hadn’t been such a spoiled American used to having everything at my fingertips year round. I lived with just about every convenience you can think of and life does not work that way here.

I was also na├»ve to think that since I had lived in a joint family system before that moving into this one would be okay. Again I was terribly mistaken! Apparently growing up as a child in a joint family is extremely different than entering one as an adult. Though, I’m not sure that I could pass off all the things that have happened as being mature or adult because there has been some pretty childish stuff going on.

Curious? I don’t blame you – my life is like a TV drama that no one has written about yet. But you can find out more, I write incessantly about the daily craziness on my blog “White Bhabi” and I don’t sugar coat the details. And to answer the question “WTH is a White Girl Doing in Punjab?”….well, I’m living, loving and blogging to pass the time!

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