Once upon a time, in the distant forest of Woody Woods...

"Now remember, no playing games with old man stag Robert's antlers again!" said a stern motherly voice as she fiddled with a fluffy red pullover, "Do not waste your childhood years by disturbing someone's retirement days. I do not want any more complaints. Is that clear?"

"I KNOW mom!" replied the red pullover.

After a fair bit of hustle-pustle, the little head of a chipmunk popped out of the right end of the pullover.

"There you go! Now you look like my dear child Munky!" said Mother Chipmunk as she admired the cute little creature in front of her.

Muffled giggles floated into the room.

"Mom! Do you HAVE to embarrass me in front of my friends?" cried out Munk, the adorable little chipmunk in a fluffy red pullover.

"Come on Munk-ey, don't keep us waiting for so long" shouted his friends who were at the door waiting for him. More giggles followed.

"And don't be late! Come back before sunset!" ordered Mother Chipmunk at Munk who was rushing out of the door trying his best not to listen.

"There you are Munk-ey! We are honored to have you join us on our mission Munk-ey. Please lead the way Munk-ey." teased all his friends.

"Don't call me that!" retorted Munk angrily as they set out on their journey towards the Wet Waterfall.

Curious Chip had recently discovered that a group of adventure tourists had set camp by the the Wet Waterfall. So their little team of 'ChippyMunkers' did not waste any time and planned a mission to give them a nice little visit, steal whatever they can, and leave them with nutshells - compliments of the 'ChippyMunkers' clan of Chipmunks - their signature move!

Soon they reached the edges of the Wet Waterfall, and there it was! Large green tents surrounding a pile of would-be-bonfire wood. Three men sat by the waterfall watching the beaver's dam while one of them holding a camera to his eyes, searched for strategic photographic angles to capture the true beauty all around him.

"ChippyMunkers huddle!" cried out Chirpy Chip.

The 5 little chipmunks gathered together to discuss their POOP (Plan Of Optimized Power). Champ Chip, the smartest of the lot, and self-assumed leader of the clan, assigned each member their POOP tasks.

"Curious Chip - you go for the backpacks kept over there. Chirpy Chip - infiltrate and access Tent No. 1 and grab whatever that looks like a nut, or can be eaten. Chilly Chip - we need you to stop chilling around and invade Tent No. 2. And I, will sneak into the biggest of 'em all - Tent No. 3" said Champ Chip with the smile of a victorious Super-hero who has just saved mankind.

"And what about me?" cried out Munk in despair.

"Well, umm... Munk you have the most important job of 'em all. Wait on this branch like a sentinel on war-duty and look out for trouble. Wait. Stay out of trouble, as well as look out for trouble." replied Champ Chip.

The ChippyMunkers chuckled and commenced on their POOP tasks.

"Screw you all!" shouted Munk, and climbed over the nearest tree like a little kid who had just been scolded by his parents.

He jumped about the branches to find the most coziest corner, when suddenly, he froze! A little girl was sitting on the bottom of the tree, looking into a small device that she had in her hand. He tiptoed carefully and reached the lowest branch to watch what she was doing.

It seemed like the little girl was talking to someone. But all she was doing was smiling at the device she had in her hand!

"Yeah sure. I'm just uploading the amazing pictures that I've clicked today morning. Do see them. Its really sad that you couldn't come with us. We are all missing you here. Thank heavens that I'm connected to you through the internet on my mobile. It makes this trip all the more fun!" said the girl to a smiling face on the device. Whoa! The face on the device just smiled back and said something!

Chip was flabbergasted! He stared at the device and how the girl was using it.

The girl sat there all afternoon till the tired sun touched the horizon. She had interesting conversations with people from all over the world through video chat. She played a lot of fun games and enjoyed herself so much, all through that little device on her hand!

Munk was mesmerized. He decided to keep the secret of the amazing device to himself and made it a point to return next morning as soon as he could to learn more about the magic device. That night, sleep was difficult to come by. He couldn't stop thinking about the device and how the girl was using it just by pressing a few buttons. It was magical!

He couldn't stop thinking about the million ways in which it could change the life of all the animals in Woody Woods, and all the Woody Woods in the world!

Next morning, when the rejuvenated sun arrived with new energy, it found Munk already on his way to the Wet Waterfall. But as soon as he reached there, he was dismayed to find no tent, no humans, just the ashes of a bonfire. Munk was never disappointed so much in his entire life. This was even more disheartening than the 'F' that his teacher gave him in English last year - or even more disappointing than the way Charming Chip had rejected his proposal last month - proposal to be a friend.

Chip returned to the same spot where the girl was sitting the day before, and to his great surprise, there it was - the magic device lay on the grass like a piece of gold waiting to be picked up. For a moment, he thought that it was too good to be true and that it could all be a trap. But he proved himself wrong, when the screen of the device lit up brightly on the touch of a button. He read the words that appeared on the screen aloud, "Vodafone!" That was its name! He spent the entire day messing around with Vodafone and learnt all about it.

The rest of the story, was more magical than fairy tales. He introduced all the animals of Woody Woods to the fun new world of Vodafone and the Internet. He ordered mobile phones and Vodafone connections for all the animals in the forest, through the internet. The migratory birds spread the news to all the Woody Woods around the world. Sooner than ever, all the animals in the world were connected with each other and life was so much more fun.

Tigers became friends with deers and beavers started up an online Hate Beiber club. Birds tweeted updates and owls started online blogs to share their wisdom. Elephants made diet chart and reminders using apps, while monkeys(actual ones) watched online videos of other monkeys monkey-ing around.

And life was never the same before.

Even today, when you visit forests or go for trekking, you'll find chipmunks and other animals scanning you inquisitively trying to learn new ways of how they could make life more fun - not that they need it, now that they have internet on their mobiles - its just that one never leaves hope of spotting a UFO if they believe in the future.


This post has been written for the Vodafone - Internet Is Fun contest on Indiblogger.