I should tell you about the way I study. But please don't even attempt to follow it. High risk factors involved.

1. Activity - The room must be void of any Human life/activity.

2. Auricular Disturbance - The room should be perfectly soundproof. I don't care if it makes me claustrophobic. But there shouldn't be any external audible interference which disturbs my otic sensitivity to point 3.

3. Auricular Satisfaction - Music is a must. The genre varies according to the subject. Math requires pure hard rock. Chemistry needs trance/techno. Physics demands soft acoustics or instrumentals. Computer Science needs hip-hop. The only exception to this law is English. Music and English study don't go together.(so you can presume which is the only subject I like paying 100% attention to!)

4. Thirst - There must be a 2 litre water bottle within the reach of my arms.

5. Availability of Resources - All the books that I might possibly need for reference, have to be present on the bed.

6. Slumber - Sleep is not necessary. I'm used to being a lychnobite; not an insomniac mind you! I can sleep whenever I want to. But Science and Internet have helped me inculcate this talent.

7. Food - My stomach should be in its ground state. Any lurching/agitation of the stomach calls for immediate action and the innocent sin of gluttony.

8. Optimal Temperatures - The frequency of 'breaks' and 'mind-wandering-off' depends on the room temperature - the reason why I study better during winters.

9. Unknown Disturbance - The repetitive reminder of the fact that chances are high that a group of people close to you are presently guffawing/gossiping about that topic you really wanted to discuss.

10. Communicative(Wireless) Disturbance - My friend is taking light years to respond to my SMS.

11. Communicative(Wired) Disturbance - The girl next door is standing on her verandah now(added: performing her enchanting antics)

12. Subject Of Study - should be extremely interesting or point 13.

13. Subject Of Study(Alternate) - I should be extremely inspired by some evangelic vision or epiphanic thoughts, which allows me to study a hated subject with relative ease.

14. Brain Relaxation - the seemingly 10kg and scientifically 1.4 kg useless trash-can placed inside my skull should be calm and in placid satisfaction.

15. Blogging - I shouldn't be worried/concerned/excited/inspired/anxious about my blogs.

That is the entire list.
Add your own specific requirements as comments!