I think its time for a change.
8 days. 8 posts. 23 unique visitors. 1 follower. 2 comments.

And now I think that what my blog needs is a better theme with more readability, minimalistic design, lesser page loading time, but should look like a handsome blog too.

So after browsing through thousands of templates, I managed to make a shortlist. Incidentally, the two templates which I like the most, belonged to my previous blogs ‘Reaching4sky’ and ‘Kafkaesque Theories Of A Jobbernowl’. So lets see which template impresses me the most. I would have thrown this situation out to 
my readers as a poll itself but then again, I don’t have many readers.

But my blog has grown up. 8 days old! Now after the template change, you can automatically assume that there will be better blogposts in the near future.

Oh my dear blog! Now that you are 8 days old, I would really like to congratulate you that you have been a wonderful little, cute little, naughty little, innocent little, blog. You are my most loved creation till date. I am just so proud of you. *wipes tears of happiness* I love you my dear Sarcasti-nation.

So now I am going to give you a make-over, and change your tagline too. You will surely make those heads turn (towards you) after it is done. Trust me.

Before: Sarcasti-Nation – And you thought she was hitting on you.

After: Sarcasti-Nation – The innocent ramblings of a soporific lychnobite.

*The deafening sound of applause* *People are going crazy*