It was a dark night; definitely darker and more exciting than the one just after your marriage. There were only the two living souls in the otherwise empty room- A Computer, and a BSNL Modem Router.

There was love in the air as the two love bugs felt that uneasy closeness which made them blush. Even the mosquitoes hurried into their dark corners with popcorn buckets shouting,"Hurry up! The show is just about to start!"
And so it did.

The UPS charged itself up. The CPU started its romantic hum as the black screen of the monitor faded away to display a warm welcome. The Modem blinked in anticipation.

The saga of eternal peripheral love started. First the power button on the modem gleamed a bright yellow color. Then the ‘Status’ indicator flickered to life. And then finally the USB light sparkled in the dark room. It was a mystic love affair, far from the understanding of a human brain.

The modem whispered into the PC’s microphone in a deep manly voice.

Modem > “Come my love! Let me plug you into the world of love, facebook, and hackers, my dear shnupi-doopy.”

PC > “Oh yes my darling chum-chums!”

Modem > "Are you ready, my snuggle-wobby?”

PC > “Oh yes I am my snookie-bums!”

Modem > “Then lets do it!”

PC > “Yes lets do IT!”
*after a few seconds*

Modem > “just a second darly-wurly.”

*after an hour and a *yawn* half*

PC > “Are you…?”

Modem > "No my deary-daisies. Its almost time… any moment now!”

PC > “BSNL? Are you …? Can you do it or not?”


PC > “You filthy retard! Get off me! Get the hell out of here you impotent piece of junk. Here! Keep your USB cable to yourself!”

P.S.: The following article was written in one lousy sleepy morning when I was irritated to death for being disconnected 10 times in 10 minutes. This is dedicated to the superb connectivity of the ‘esplĂ©ndido’ BSNL broadband internet service… <Sucker!>