There is often little or no doubt about the fact that all things that have life, can feel and give love. From pre-historic dinosaurs to slimy snakes; from giant sperm-whales to the red and white koi fish in your neighbor’s plush backyard garden artificial fountain-cum-waterfall with the statue of the naked baby with wings peeing at you and smiling mischievously as if to say, “Yeah man! It goes on and on and on…”

There was a time humans loved each other too. But now its all about the external aspects of it.

Men love girls. Yes that remains the same except the fact that the criteria of eligibility has changed. Women now have false eyelids, extra-black ‘kaajal’, coloured locks, lips glittered with the shiniest of hues available, tops with attitude-show-off statements, skirts which seem to be a cheap tailor’s mistake, stilettos which can be used as sewing needles, and an inexplicable thought-process with the on-your-face stance. Of course all that makes it quite enjoyable for the men, and they look extra-sexy when they put on a traditional Indian saree all of a sudden! Despite all that, men still love girls, and the initial attraction takes place at a more external level.

Women love men. Although most women are known for their common public stance which promises incessant hatred for all humans belonging under the class ‘male’ on earth, the fact remains the same. Women like men. And men have changed drastically. Gone are the days of the 70-80s trend of men with tsunami-wave hair-dos, disco-shades, white shirts with a tuft of hair protruding from the open-button chests, long flowing trousers, and the whenever-wherever one-sided display of ivory-white teeth which automatically produce the ‘ting’ sound in your brain. Nowadays men have different standards of appearance. Six pack abs(or even more), muscles ripping off your sleeves, a tattoo on the arm, low waist torn jeans hanging perilously from the hip-bones, un-buttoned shirts which fly better than the Indian flag, axe-deodorant, and a deep deep voice which can be as soft as a whisper and as loud as a lion roaring to impress a lioness.

The times have changed. The world has changed. Its people have changed. I have changed.

P.S.1: The above post was framed while the standing in front of a large mirror and looking at my adolescent face, a depressingly fat Bengali stomach(just 12 months back they said I don’t get to eat), and fairness gained from one year of sitting at home as if there was a civil war being waged in my locality. Sigh! Things will pass. I hope.
P.S.2: … and yes I was also wondering if I would ever be successful in impressing (or finding!)
 a gud-looking hot chick ever!

P.S.3: ...hey come on! I'm still a teenager! That is pretty normal!