Honestly speaking, I was mighty impressed by Akshay Kumar and his pursuit of a thumbs up bottle; that too, a 300ml one.

Just watch the advert. He does a action-packed sequence of chasing down a thumbs up bottle and often ends up winning a cold-drink as well as a hot chick. Cool, huh?

Girls these days aren’t impressed so easily. I suppose if a sensible girl catches a guy running after a thumbs up truck, she would surely think, “What a freak!”

But as far as I am concerned, I’d do the following.
1.      >Get up from my couch.
2.       >Go to mom and yawn.
3.       >Tell her that I’m bored of studying. (Always catches the attention of my mom, who can bring Osama Bin Laden to teach me math if she thinks it would help me improve.)
4.   >Yawn again. (not much effort in that)
5.       >“I feel like having a cold-drink.”

That’s it. And my mom (love you!) immediately brings up the desired proposal by herself.
Mom: “Go buy one?”
Me: “Okay!” (like, Yeah that’s cool with me!)

She goes inside the room and comes back with a… hold on… 50 rupee note! Why? So that if I feel like having a cold drink again, it’ll be in the refrigerator!

Richer by 50 bucks, I stroll to the nearby shop (usually named ‘Bhaiji’ or ‘Laltu Beverages’ or ‘Shontu’s Thanda’) and walk back with a large bottle of thumbs up, a couple of ├ęclairs, and a winning smile pasted on my face.

That’s it. I didn’t have to jump off from the 10th floor, drive a car, jump fences, and run like a wild monkey on a busy street.

P.S.: Like this if you do the same. Comment if you have a better idea. Go away if you liked Akshay’s way better, hmph!