I remember all those 'good old days' and nights which were so wonderful just because of the presence of one person in my life. And i've never been successful in finding the proper words and adjectives to express clearly my feelings about here.

She was special. Definitely way more special than many others. Not that i ever thought that i loved her; the 'true love' sort of thing. But neither is it that i never wondered whether i loved her. I did.

There were times we used to play 'truth or dare' every midnight via chat. She used to participate equally and i did give her weird dares to perform. And somewhere within my heart i knew that she followed it. She used to give me quite imaginative, well-thought dares, which i couldn't couldn't couldn't help but perform. For example, wearing my t-shirt inside-out to tuition classes, jumping in front of the entire class shouting Yahoo, or even writing silly paper chits and passing on to my most hated enemy. I did it all. There was something so weirdly fascinating about our relationship, which i could never explain. But i will try slowly to do just that, through my blog posts.

She was truly my first and only crush. And the closest thing to love that i've experienced till today. She was indisputably the most beautiful girl i have ever seen.

I miss you.

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