The following is an excerpt from my diary dated 2nd February, 2011.
And the feeling still remains, although the chill has gone away.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Another chilly winter morning. I stepped out of the door once, just to take in a whiff of the polluted air outside. But a dry cold breeze ushered me back inside. Almost instantly, my nose tingled…


And the tip of my nose turned into a pinkish red, just like the blush of any shy girl.

No actually it didn’t. Just the “Achoo” part occured.

Nevertheless, I returned to my room, concealed myself below a blanket and blinked at the physics book open in front of me. Yes physics was my weakest subject and i do not blame anyone for that. But why me? I mean, i could have been a genius in science! I could have cracked the IIT and ISI while half-asleep.

But that was not written on my forehead.

Instead some other bull-shit story about a stupid guy with stupid failures appeared in italicized  print. I really think God should have thought twice. A guy like me wasn’t such a bad bargain after all.

Let’s see if he continues with his bull-shit story or finally brings in a new dimension in my life like a breath of fresh air inside an air-tight furnace burning rubber tires.