Halfway through the examinations, I finally made up my mind that I needed to start a serious blog now. I know it’s a weird decision for someone to take in between his Class 12 CBSE final examinations, but that’s just me. So after “Reaching For Sky”, “Kafkaesque Theories of A Jobbernowl”, “This and That”, I finally took the decision.

And ‘Sarcasti-Nation’ was born on 10th March, 2010.

I kinda liked the name despite being haunted by a phantasmagoria of webcam-view images about people puckering up their faces as if to say, “Eh? Sarcasti-Nation? Weird!” But you’re right. The name is just a mash-up of the two words ‘Sarcasm’ and ‘Nation’.

‘Sarcasm’ because that’s my style;
‘Nation’ because I dunno why!

But what could be the reason for this sudden bout of galactic inspiration to write a blog and bring out my emotions and feelings and thoughts and posts brimming over with outrageous stupidity? The answer is simple. (Wha…? No man it aint no rocket science!)

The last 4 years of my life is filled with disappointment, failures, tears, as well as broken promises, broken dreams, broken hearts, broken window-panes, broken computers, and all other objects with a ‘fragile’ tag on them. (You know, those inverted wine-glass shapes on cardboard packages which make you feel that the packers were dumbheads… or d*ckheads whichever suits your style)

I was being asphyxiated under the pressure of high flying F-22 raptor dreams and debilitated by low-class opportunities and unprecedented failures which sucked the life-blood out of me. Everytime I think about the pain, The same pain comes back to pain my pained self with painful pain from pain-land (which cannot be cured with ‘jhandu-balm’). So I don’t feel like remembering them often, although I’m sure you will learn bits and pieces of those memories in my blog posts in the future.

      Anyway, now I’ve gotta hurry back to my chemistry book lest it should start biting me. But yeah, I also want to congratulate myself for the following.

       1. Starting a serious blog.
2.       2. Finally, my personal blog.
3.       3. Breaking my castle-of-cards schedule.
4.       4. Breaking all conventions of exam study.
5.       5. Writing my first blog post for ‘Sarcasti-Nation’.

Oh my dearest ‘Sarcasti-Nation’, on this auspicious day that you have come into my life, I want to fill your little heart with my choicest of blessings. I am sure you will grow up to be a wonderful and handsome blog with lots of female followers. I know you will. It is in your blood and it is written in your destiny; ‘maktub’ as they say. You are my love. *SMOOCH*(on the forehead).
Yours loving-ly, smooching-ly, blessing-ly,
The Xeno.
(Yes I’m your author. You’ve got a problem with that kiddo?)