I can’t feel myself at all.

I’m just numb all over.

The journey from big to small,

runs through my memory, this october.


Life departs, and starts again.

But never ever complete.

People die in restless pain,

The forgotten sarcophagus will deplete.


Hopes lost, and dreams suppressed,

I can only weave mystic words.

How can we leave feelings unexpressed?

When we want to fly with the birds!


To fly like a free bird in the sky,

To drift with the winds forever.

Chirping at the planes which pass us by,

Free and untamed, together.


Alas! My self-demolition has begun.

And you can’t stop it my friend.

‘Cuz from all this trouble i cannot run.

All is beginning to end.


On my way to self destruction,

I pause and contemplate.

Is this just a premonition?

Am i not too late?


But i am already too tired,

And i can’t wait any further.

A deadly Armageddon i have stirred,

Blood, Treachery, and Murder.


Just under control, i calm down.

I control my insatiate thirst.

I hide it within a small frown.

The detonator has to strike first.


Deadly chemicals seep into my heart,

They boil and crackle within it.

Waiting to be pierced by the detonating dart,

Agitate and infuriate my spirit.


Red wire? Blue wire?

Decision ain’t yours, but mine.

I can choose my funeral pyre,

Or choose my dreams and desires.


Even if i manage to stop this demolition,

I have a lot of corrections to do.

I know i am capable of accomplishing this mission,

All i need with me, is you.